On the first of March, the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center sent out an appeal to the community asking for support so that we would have the funding necessary to keep our Extreme Weather Shelter open during inclement weather until the end of our EWS season April 15, 2017.  The very next day donations, large and small, started coming in from individuals, organizations and churches.


We are pleased to announce that due to this incredible outpouring of support and generosity from this community, we have reached our goal.  As of last Friday, we have received $20,060 in EWS donations.  We project that this amount should cover all EWS expenses for the remainder of the season.  If any donations are remaining in the fund after the closure of EWS in April, those monies will be carried over to help start next year’s Emergency Weather Shelter.


This success reflects the coastal community’s compassion and support for the issues of homelessness; the need to shelter those who remain vulnerable to hypothermia when they do not have a place of protection during our cold and rainy coastal nights.  


Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center is most grateful to our community for all their support as together we strive to help those in need of shelter, food and a path to personal self-sufficiency.  Our non-profit organization looks forward to working with and serving this community in this capacity for many more years.   Thank you very much for your support.

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