The Hospitality Clinic is a provider for adult mental health services to those with Medi-Cal. We offer a variety of services including individual therapy, family therapy, individual rehabilitation, case management, collateral, assessment, and plan development. When someone wants services from the Hospitality Clinic they are welcome to walk into our lobby at 137 E. Oak Street in Fort Bragg and complete a referral sheet. Once services are verified by Medi-Cal we can make an appointment for an intake assessment to determine whether the client meets qualifications for mental health services.

We have trained and licensed staff on board to help provide each of these services. We have one licensed therapist, two associate therapists, an individual rehabilitation specialist, and a case manager. We aim to provide people with the therapy services, rehab services (building skills related to emotional and social functioning), and case management. We have recently added a new program called Whole Person Care. We currently employ one wellness coach who assists those who qualify for this special program with access to medical services. We are here to help, please come by and see us at the Hospitality Clinic with any questions or to fill out a referral for services.

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