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Extreme Weather Shelter Ends 2015-16 Season

The Extreme Weather Shelter (EWS) closed April 18th 2016 for the winter season.  Opening November 16th 2015, the EWS experienced its most demanding season – open more nights, serving more meals and sheltering more people than ever before.
The EWS serves a homeless population who cannot be housed at Hospitality House because it is full. There is no requirement to be “clean and sober”.  When the shelter is open, these people gather at Hospitality House are fed, may do their laundry or shower and are transported to the host faith community.  The faith community donates their facilities for the overnight shelter.  In the morning the guests are transported back to Hospitality House for breakfast.  A Hospitality House staff member, a supervisor accompanies the guests at all times.
The predicted “El Nino” prompted a revision when the EWS was opened this winter season.  In past years if the predicted temperature was 36 degrees or below, or the probability of rain greater than 50%, the shelter opened.  In December the criteria changed to 40 degrees or below and a probability of rain greater than 20%.  Signs, the website and area businesses, and a voice message gave the public information of the “opening” daily.
The EWS was open 87 nights accommodating 140 individuals.   Many were regulars, others stayed a single night while passing through Fort Bragg.  An average night found 14 men and 4 women at the shelter.  The women were lodged at Hospitality House.  On occasion this required use of local motels. 
Sheltered guests ate approximately 3000 meals, took 860 showers and used the laundry facilities 575 times.
A detailed Operating Statement appears below.  The cost of running the EWS was met by donations to the Mayor’ Fund and a $30,000 grant from the County.   $5,484 remains to start the 2016-17 EWS season.  
MCHC is most appreciative of the local faith communities who provided the shelter.  The Mendocino Coast Jewish Community in Caspar and First Presbyterian in Fort Bragg combined for half of the nights the shelter was open.  We thank you.

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