Hello all,

My name is Paul Davis and I'm the Operations Manager at the Mendocino Coast Hospitality Center and I'd like to welcome you to our brand new web site. I hope you enjoy it.  And welcome as well to our blog.  We have several employees in our organization who will be contributing here - though they may not know it yet!

I thought it was important to add this feature to our site because I think the cornerstone of effective community outreach is strong communication among individuals, and blogging gives us the opportunity to inform the public about what we are doing, what we need, and why our organization is important.  I hope you take the time to check back here regularly, and please, post comments.  We really really want this to be a forum for open discussion.


You'll find some other useful tools and information on the site as well.  We've included an events calendar which you can access through the "Connect" navigation tab.  Feel free to post your own events there so that other users can stay informed on what's going on. We also included a Multimedia page where you can watch videos and listen to audio from different organizations who are working in the homeless services field.  Check out the interviews with homeless people from The Voices Among Us...they're great!

But enough about the site.  You can check that out on your own.  I really want to talk about MCHC and what we do and why I work here.  Each month, our shelter kitchen serves approximately 2,000 meals to hungry Coasties who are in the unfortunate position of not being able to feed themselves.  Additionally, around 45 individuals will call the shelter home for all or some part of the month.  Safe from the elements and the harsh treatment of the the street  - people who stay at the Hospitality House have an opportunity to get a leg up if they so desire.  I won't lie to you - a great many of them won't see that opportunity through - But  the ones that do are an inspiration!

At our resource center, we see many individuals who want something better for themselves and are in need of someone to point them in the right direction and help them stay on track.  With funding from sources like SAMHSA, MCHC is able to help homeless people with mental health and/or addiction issues to get organized, get connected with the services that can help them and provide for a few basic needs at critical times when they need them most.  

And finally, through transitional housing, we can offer some of the homeless an additional tool on their path to self sufficiency.

We need community support now more than ever and it's in everyone's best interests to pitch in.  The desperation created by the instability of homelessness affects everyone in the community in one way or another.

Thank you for visiting our site and reading my first blog.  I will be attending the next Mental Health Court Planning meeting on October 15, 2012 and I look forward to reporting on that in my next post.